Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bringing Conscious Back for 2014...

We are super excited we have great goals for this year and we are on our way to a great start. Our movement started this year on May 19th,  Malcolm X's birthday.  It happens to be the same day the "Last Poets" were born.  Started with three of us, at the end of the day folks excused themselves and I kept on pushing what I believed in which was to bring art to communities by using art, spoken word and media.  I came out of my pocket for dinners, transportation and food for the events just to make each event special along the way.  I can't help to say I felt frustrated because with all I was doing folks just wanted to get paid then to see the  movement succeed.

I now know that this movement will have to be taught to our youth so that they can carry the torch. Sometimes when we work with adults there are to many egos or agendas in the way.  Though I still look up to the creator for guidance that the right individuals will come on board this journey with the rest of us that stayed on board. So I started at home and grabbed my own children and the kids I mentor.

Our first event we had spoken word, a performance by IMPACT Repetory, a discussion on how Malcolm effected our lives with Jamal Joseph, Abiodun Oyewole and myself.   The Shabazz Center allowed me to show my trailer "Living Legendz" which featured both men and Dr. Leonard Jeffries.  Because we collaborated made the flyers and organized our talent, the executive director Mark agreed there was no overhead.  Most of you are aware to have any type of function in NYC there is great price to pay when it comes to a venue. I went to folks I knew and to the public library asking for space to keep inspiring communities. Monique (manager) from Nicholas Brooklyn offered space but I had to charge so I could pay for the space. 

Still looking for venues a Harlem writer, Marc Polite invited me to an event at the Countee Cullen Library to be a speaker at his event.   While I was at the Countee Cullen I spoke with an employee and they guided me on how to rent a room at the library. Since then I have had events at the Countee Cullen Library. 

The rest of the year we had events in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Rochester, New York.   We have made our events free though we do ask for donations so we can keep doing what we do which is inspiring communities.  

BCB Musician
Matthew Corey

BCB Spoken Word Poet
Shana King
Our last events for the year have been inspiring and motivating. We rapped up our last event for the year at the M.K. Gandhi Institute for NonViolence where youth came out to support and watch a free film. 

It was snowing like crazy and bitter cold but we packed the room at the Gandhi Institute.  The Gandhi Institute was awesome they had refreshments and allowed us time to discuss the films we watched.  My intern Shamar asked me to play 110 Morningside,  I did and the youth loved it. 

click on link to view our channel

We also released four episodes on youtube that highlight the positive actions of what folks in the community are doing to make it better.  So much negative everyday we rarely hear about the good in the world, that is what prompted us to make a channel and dedicate it to positive energy.

We are looking forward to a great New Year and the opportunities are limitless.

Upcoming Engagements

January 11, 2014
3-5 P.M.
Countee Cullen Library

January 14, 2014
6-9 P.M.

February 22, 2014
3-5 P.M.
Phillis Wheatley Library

If you can't make any of our events please feel free to support us via internet and make a conscious donation here. Thank you for your support.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bringing Conscious Back Episode 3

We are truly excited to have our last "Bringing Conscious Back" event for the year this evening at the Gandhi Institute we start at 6 pm the film  "Millennium Slave" will be screened at 7 p.m.
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

BCB Seeking Volunteers

Are you a high school student or college student and need some community hours? Are you neither and just tired of the violence in Rochester? Than we want you!

Bringing Conscious Back movement is looking for conscious individulas that don't talk about change but are part of the change. We are looking for volunteers to assist us canvass the Southwest neighborhood to give out flyers for our upcoming event next Thursday.

Our events inspire communities by using the arts such as film, music and spoken word. Your welcome to download our flyer for the event and pass it out of you can't make the canvassing over the weekend.

Thank you we look forward to making a difference with you.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Upcoming Events for BCB

We are so pleased by our new sponsor in Harlem.
Akil Rose with the Harlem Transformation Project has agreed to be our Harlem Sponsor.
It is our goal to do this around the country and then globally.  The New York Public Library system has also been sponsoring us special thanks to Victor Simmons at the Countee Cullen Library for allowing us to educate and inspire audiences in the Harlem community.

Our Holiday 

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2013 5:30-6:30 P.M.
Phillis Wheatley Library
33 Dr. Samuel McCree Way
Rochester, NY 14608
Free Film Screening of 
"110 Morningside"

special performances by
Shana King
Matthew Corey

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2013 7:00- 9:00 P.M.
Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
929 S. Plymouth Ave.
Rochester, NY 14608
Free Film Screening of 
"Millennium Slave"
special performances TBA

SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 2014 3:00-5:00 P.M.
Countee Cullen Library
104 W. 136th Street
New York, NY 10030
Free Film Screening of 
"25 Years 2 Freedom" 
The Betty Tyson Story

TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2014 6:00 - 10:00 P.M.
 Shrine World Music Venue
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd
New York, NY 10030
Free Film Screening of 
"Living Legendz"
Special Performance by
LAST POET, Abiodun Oyewole
Featuring the artwork of 
Charly J. Dominguez

Being conscious can really change your perspective on the world.
 But don’t expect the world itself to change without a contribution from you.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gandhi Institute is Conscious...

Our new sponsor for "Bringing Conscious Back" 
The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence is a nonprofit that works to realize the vision of its historic namesake by helping individuals and communities create public awareness of nonviolence as knowledge critical to human thriving. The M.K. Gandhi Institute collaborates with local organizations, academic institutions, students and committed peacemakers in the following areas: nonviolence education,sustainability and environmental conservation, and the promotion ofrestorative justice. The Institute continuously offers groups and individuals trainings in skills such as nonviolent communication (NVC), self- reflection, meditation and experiential interconnectedness, and fosters sustainability practices in the Rochester area such as community gardening, urban agriculture and restorative approaches to conflict.

We are pleased to announce our next event will be at the 
M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
December 12, 2013
7 - 9 P.M.
929 South Plymouth Avenue
Rochester, New York 14608

To create public awareness of nonviolence critical for humans and the planet
training individuals in skills such as non violent communication, self reflection, and meditation.
Fostering practices such as community gardening, urban agriculture & restorative justice projects

Bringing Conscious Back 
Our purpose is to engage individuals in the principles and benefits of conscious living, by adding value and meaning to their lives, careers and communities. The arts professionals offer an opportunity to breathe new life into communities and build bridges to improve brotherhood regardless of race, creed or religion.
Being conscious can really change your perspective on the world.

 But don’t expect the world itself to change without a contribution from you.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bringing Conscious Back

Your invited!
We are looking forward to our next event next week, Wednesday. We have partnered with the non-violence organization MCC MVP and look forward to partnering with many more. Christine Plumeri who hosted our last event will be out of town. We look forward to having some of her students and MVP alumni come and share in our event. 

Mentors in Violence Prevention Program
(MVP-MCC)  in Action!

Mentors in Violence Prevention at MCC (MVP-MCC)   MCC faculty, staff, students and community members are proud to now have over 100 mentors in our communities who are educating others about social injustice and the gendered causes of most types of interpersonal violence.

MVP was founded in 1993 at Northeastern University by leading anti-violence educator, Jackson Katz (HYPERLINK "", who visited DCC in 2008 and gifted us this proven effective curriculum.  MCC is one of just three colleges in the U.S. and the only community college with an MVP Program.  MVP is also utilized in all branches of the U.S.  military, professional, college and high school sports teams, NAASCAR and many other organizations.

MVP-MCC includes curriculum infusion in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Speech Communications coursework, bystander intervention training, co- and extra-curricular programming, and service work.   With our recent graduating class, we will expand curriculum infusion into additional Criminal Justice courses, as well as into English, Health Education and Psychology coursework.
Bringing Conscious Back works hard to make a difference towards non-violence by promoting FREE community events. 
Being conscious can really change your perspective on the world. But don’t expect the world itself to change without a contribution from you.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Raising Conscious Children

Raising Conscious Children
Photography by Johnnie Lee Smith

Folks always say that character and education start at home. Nowadays we have children having children, many young women really don't want the responsibility. Some see children as toys or something cute rather than an individual.  Living in the hood you see the effects of children who have beed discarded and society not recognizing these individuals until they hit the judicial system.
There are so many cases today of child molestation, child murders, child slavery and the stories continue.  The older folks blame the young folks and the young folks blame the old folks for not having backbone.  The old folks pick at the young folks in what they ain;t doing right and the young folks look at there elders as cowards because many have given up, they fail to show leadership and that's where the young folks do have a point. 
As I have experienced life and have witnessed many who claim to be loving parents but spend more time on facebook, twitter, instagram and google+ than folks who work in the field of social networking.  I have witnessed many mothers and fathers claiming to be a parent but you see no mention or pictures of their beloved children, it's like they don't exist. You do see pictures and mentions of them with their friends and celebrities and what they claim thety are doing.  We can laugh about this but what is so sad is the amount of selfishness that is displayed virally on these platforms.  Are you really a professional or are you just being distracted? I know for me it's a distraction unless I am promoting an event or film.

I know for a fact when I am on the phone or facebook while my daughter is home it's a rap.  Little Momma tells me immediately excuse me but I need your attention.  As parents sometimes we ignore our children and then we realize this little person is asking for some time.  I have been guilty myself recognizing that technology has my mind I have to make time in my schedule to do me.  Now don't get me wrong a little checking your tumblr while your at the playground while your child is being entertained is fine.  

I want to share today a Pledge from my film 
"110 Morningside" that my mentor Abiodun Oyewole chants.  

Dune's Pledge

I want to be
what I can be
To be proud
healthy and free
I want to say 
what I know
To help my Bruthas and Sisters grow
I want to feel
good about me
and blame no one for my misery
'Cause I'll be strong
to turn it around
I want go up
I'm not going down
I want to do 
what I can do
to make all my dreams come true.
Remember my past
the good and bad
How I made it art
even when it was sad
I want to share 
whatever my gift
and when your feeling low 
I'll give you a lift
I want to live without fear
and know that I'm blessed for being here!
and know that I'm blessed for being here!
and know that I'm blessed!

I encourage all parents to teach this to the youth that frequent your life or to your own children. May this inspiration inspire you and your family it has inspired my family for years and still continues to this day. My five year old daughter now recites this and yes they do understand the powers of these words. Try it, print and recite and see how your kids eat this up.


Live from Filmstress row...this is the Filmstress

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bringing Consciousness to Injustice

Good Morning such a beautiful and eloquently speech I just had to share...
Just thought this was great brain food and inspiration. Please enjoy I sure did.

What day is it? Hump Day!!! Enjoy your Wednesday...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The success of consciousness

Matthew Corey
Yesterday was memorable and such a success.  The community came out and showed their support and love.  Enjoy some of the energy from our movement 
"Bringing Conscious Back"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Join Us August 16th!

Film Screening of 25 Years 2 Freedom

Friday, August 16th
7- 10 p.m.
Nicholas Brooklyn
570 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
$10 @ The Door

Join us as we inspire audiences through creative art and music to promote change in the community. Featured artist Johnnie Lee Smith. Film Screening of "25 Years 2 Freedom" with Q & A directly following. Light Conscious Refereshements are served.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” However this looks easier said than executed .  -Wayne W. Dyer

Monday, June 10, 2013

Conscious Harlem Parade!

We started off our June 1st with a parade march and rally in Harlem it was truly a hot and exciting day. Many of the people who participated were against violence and for neighborhood unity.  It was an honor to speak at the event and invite folks out to our conscious event in Brooklyn.  

Bringing Conscious Back is a state of mind of highlighting the issues we rarely devote any time to, it is our mission to discuss such issues as violence, eating right, feeling right and listening to conscious music.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Bringing Conscious Back" series features Native Sun!

Last week we kicked off our series of "Bringing Conscious Back" we are excited to tell folks of our next event is 
JUNE 5th @ Nicholas Variety 
570 Fulton Street in Brooklyn!
If you can't make the event we encourage you DONATE
 online to our campaign. 

We are excited to have Native Sun in the house.

Tickets $10.00 @ the door.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

March against Monsanto in Union Square! NO GMO!

Today was an inspiring day to be proactive.  
"Bringing Conscious Back" was definitely felt in Union Square and the village this afternoon.  Many folks came out to rally this afternoon even with the rain and wind it was truly a peaceful march though many wished they had gotten out of hand so it would draw attention. I know about them but I didn't need no attention I'm already Black and that draws enough
March against monsanto

The most stimulating about the march was that it was multicultural every ethnicity was out there.  There were Black folks, White folks, Asian folks, Spanish folks to was like everybody cared about what were consuming.

"The diversity in age and  ethnic, cultural and political background is a huge indication of how far reaching this issue is. People all over the world are fed up and will not stand for what Monsanto is doing to our planet and one of our most basic and fundamental human rights. You know you can't trust what they are putting in our food when they refuse to sell GMO food in their own headquarters cafeteria..."
Henry Rushmore
Henry Rushmore &  Oyemina Ekhator
"Food is something that no one can live without and therefore everyone should be entitled to, yet Monsanto is monopolizing on slowly killing us with that same necessity. Keeping labels off of their products while pretending that GMOs are completely safe for consumption is nonsensical. Despite efforts to sedate, distract, and manipulate the public for their benefit and profit, the attempts to hide their poison are transparent. This march was a testament to the consciousness of the general population; the people are not fooled". 

Oyemina Ekhator

If you have an event you feel is a conscious movement please email us at

"Bringing Conscious Back" movement

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bringing Conscious Back!

Welcome friendz “Bringing Conscious Back” is a grassroots movement rooted in the arts with purposes of awakening our inner self through the eyes of our professional artists and community networking. Our purpose is to engage individuals in the principles and benefits of conscious living, by adding value and meaning to their lives, careers and communities. The arts professionals offer an opportunity to breathe new life into communities and build bridges to improve brotherhood regardless of race, creed or religion.
Being conscious can really change your perspective on the world. But don’t expect the world itself to change without a contribution from you.