Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bringing Conscious Back

Your invited!
We are looking forward to our next event next week, Wednesday. We have partnered with the non-violence organization MCC MVP and look forward to partnering with many more. Christine Plumeri who hosted our last event will be out of town. We look forward to having some of her students and MVP alumni come and share in our event. 

Mentors in Violence Prevention Program
(MVP-MCC)  in Action!

Mentors in Violence Prevention at MCC (MVP-MCC)   MCC faculty, staff, students and community members are proud to now have over 100 mentors in our communities who are educating others about social injustice and the gendered causes of most types of interpersonal violence.

MVP was founded in 1993 at Northeastern University by leading anti-violence educator, Jackson Katz (HYPERLINK "http://www.jacksonkatz.com"www.jacksonkatz.com), who visited DCC in 2008 and gifted us this proven effective curriculum.  MCC is one of just three colleges in the U.S. and the only community college with an MVP Program.  MVP is also utilized in all branches of the U.S.  military, professional, college and high school sports teams, NAASCAR and many other organizations.

MVP-MCC includes curriculum infusion in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Speech Communications coursework, bystander intervention training, co- and extra-curricular programming, and service work.   With our recent graduating class, we will expand curriculum infusion into additional Criminal Justice courses, as well as into English, Health Education and Psychology coursework.
Bringing Conscious Back works hard to make a difference towards non-violence by promoting FREE community events. 
Being conscious can really change your perspective on the world. But don’t expect the world itself to change without a contribution from you.

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