Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bringing Conscious Back 2 The Jailz

So, we finished up our public engagements and have partnered with Just Us Inc. a non-profit organization in Rochester, NY that has been helping incarcerated individuals in the system and upon release helping them with housing, employment and education.  James Caldwell has a had few people come in and out to help in the jails but from my observance most people who donate time are the church people trying to indoctrine their beliefs on individuals in a compromising position.

I didn't give up my events but I will be writing to get money from investors and online funding to keep doing what I have been doing and that's inspiring audiences artistically with a message.

So I have been working with the inmates for about a month.  We have had some technical issues as far as my DVD playing for the inmates. I have changed the format 2x and still to no avail they have the oldest DVd players it's not even funny. So we are still moving forward with our discussions and mentoring time. I look forward to the next DVD working this weel,


So please help donate if you can as we need to print some materials for the holidays for the inmates. We have raised $70 thusfar and still have a long way to go.

Have a great day and remember to keep a positive mind. Because a positive mind cannot be denied.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conscious Inmates...

We had our last joyous occasion at "The Shrine" last month it was fabulous. 

We screened "Living Legendz" that featured Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Jamal Joseph and Abiodun Oyewole. We had outrageous girl talent that rock the joint.  Marc Polite did his thing on the mic such a brilliant writer and humble gentleman. 
As we came to a close this year many folks kept asking when is the next event. To be honest it will be in the spring of 2015.  We have to revamp our mission and make it more health conscious.  
I am continuing the campaign through the winter months I have started screening my films at a jail nearby.  Which was my goal to reach individuals in the system so that I can inspire them and in some way stop recidivism.  Always wanted to work in the jails because it's such a depressed atmosphere that needs attention.  I feel that many of the individuals that are in lock up facilites wanted attention and used criminal activity to get that attention, but then again that is my opinion.  Recently I have made some strides with meeting men and women inmates introducing myself and who I am.  The women were a bit harder than the men from what I observed.  One lady who was very masculine came up to me and said "yo, you really touched my heart" that meant a lot to me.  That someone that looked that hard actually could relate to my story.  I shared with the ladies my life and how I came to be here.  I realized that "Bringing Conscious Back" had to keep going for the folks who are going to return back into our society.  The jail is not going to rehabilitate these individuals it's obvious.  That leaves programs from the community or the state which are doing the best they can on a shoe string budget.  Most programs are GED, or religious activity to keep the inmates mind of the mayheim I suppose.  While I was there some of the inmates spoke about wish they could get some college credit while they were sitting in there.  I tend to agree with them, why not let them read and educate their mind it's not like it's going to do any harm.  Most of the felons that return already have that stigma they have a felony record so with that strike agaunst them with no education society is forcing them to make another unconscious decision.  

I will be screening "110 Morningside" this weeks visit to the jail.  I am looking forward to feedback and inspiring individuals for change.  My goal is to make it to 2 prisons this holiday season so the campaign will touch more people.  It is my goal to also have MCC MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention) program graduates to assist me in this campaign.  My contact for the progam has been sick so looking to link up wth them the end of the month.

We will be putting an online fundraiser for gas and administrative expenses for our jail visits.  So if you would like to help us financially on our journey you will be able to be a part of the solution.

THE BEST 2014 Interns
Shamar & Flix 
I thank all of the artists that came out this year and showed love, you are deeply appreciated.