Monday, January 26, 2015

Natural Light in Life

The five blessings in life are:
health, longevity, virtuous behavior, prosperity and a natural death.  The five constant virtues are:
propriety, benevolence, righteousness, wisdom and faith.  
Those who live in accord with the universal subtle law are preserved.

Aim at human and spiritual nobility.  There is one word that we can can use as a motto for our entire life: reciprocity.
  What we do not want to be done to ourselves, we must not do to others.
The more we give others. the more abundant our lives become.  In helping people and caring for  life, our own lives will be very rewarding.

In life we meet all type of people some folks may claim they need help but when confronted with assistance they lock up. Is it because they aren't sincere with their need? Lately I have been keeping busy with organizing events and staying positive.  We will have our haters and we will have our supporters, taking everything in stride is the key.

We look forward to you joining us

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
 5-7 P.M.
The Phillis Wheatley Library
33 Dr. Samuel McCree Way
Rochester, NY