Thursday, November 20, 2014

Somebody Wake My Brother Up

So today I had a poetry workshop at the jail 
and read from my friend and mentor
Abiodun Oyewole book

The inmates enjoyed a few of the poems I selected.  As I was reading Dune pointed out Black Wall Street in one of his poems and one of the bruthas was curious to find out the name of the book so he can read it.  I am always happy to hear when individuals are excited about learning something new.  Dune has so much embodied in one poem that the inmates had to take time to digest what I read.  We had a good poetry session today hopefully we can get some donations before the holiday so I can print out some poems for them to read.  I go every week and need help with gas and printing so if your able please feel free to donate online.

Poems I read today:

The Cycle
For The Millions
A Picture
Party and Bullshit
When the Revolution Comes
Rain of Terror

*One of the inmates read his poem here it is below*

"Somebody Wake My Brother Up"
By Mike Holloman

"Somebody wake my brother up"
They tried but he just wouldn't go to school
Uneducated with no job, no skills, he played his self like a fool

"Somebody wake my brother up"
See you man sagging on the block with the crew, you told me you were a leader not a follower
Now you on the block with your pants down too.

"Somebody wake my brother up"
Cause you got a little cash in your pocket just like you wished it...
But you got it by pushin, posing on your own people...
Man have you got life twisted.

"Somebody wake my brother up"
Sitting on 20's, carrying quarter pound of weed, ain't seen baby momma, done forgot about your seed.

"Somebody wake my brother up"
Gold all in your mouth,  chains hanging like an Egyptian Pharoah, come time to help another brother out, you got the mentality of that crab in the barrell.

"Somebody wake my brother up"
They told you it was all love, But you've been hoodwinked, flimflamed & bamboozled now your in the county, crushing cheese crackers over a dry ass ramen noodle.

"Somebody wake my brother up"
Gloomy Sunday morning and we've seen these days many to often.. Ma Dukes and baby moms got their head down crying...Cause your ass lying in a coffin.

"Now nobody can wake that brother up"

We had a good day our group and look forward to building more with the woman in lock up when I return in two weeks.  If you have any inspiring poems or suggestions you would like to donate for me to read feel free to email me.

Nicholle La Vann