Friday, January 24, 2014

No woman or man can be blessed without...

No woman or man can be blessed without the acceptance of their own head.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Filmstress & Abiodun Oyewole (Last Poet)
Bringing Conscious Back @ The Shrine event

It's been said, people can only be as good as their thoughts, as successful as mental patterns, as progressive as their ideas.  In today's society being conscious is to listen to our thoughts, praying for divine guidance and following the intuitive urging.  Globally many unconscious individuals believe education, money, fame & notoriety are instrumental to their success.  If you are aware of the misconceptions of success you realize they are as useful as dirty dishwater without a clear firm, focused mind.   The process is quite simple to be conscious of who you are as individual.  When you develop a strong faith and connection to the Creator.  Demonstrate a healthy love and respect for your ancestors and parents, being committed and dedicated to your family traditions.  And a trusting relationship  to the spirit of your soul.  Trust your conscious and your first thought regardless of what others may say.  You own conscious takes you to the places you need to be...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Ready or Not!

Happy New Year

Blessingz to all we are excited to start a new year with no apologies.
We are excited about our venues and the many folks who will be on stage sharing their talent.

Please be aware that we work off of donations from the public until we can get a grant to assist us.
We are currently looking for a fiscal sponsor so we can apply for funding that will allow us to concentrate on our artistic expression.


January 11, 2014
3-5 P.M.
Countee Cullen Library
New York, NY 

January 14, 2014
6-9 P.M.
New York, NY

February 22, 2014
3-5 P.M.
Phillis Wheatley Library
Rochester, NY

If you can't make any of our events please feel free to support us via internet and make a conscious donation here. Thank you for your support.