Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Raising Conscious Children

Raising Conscious Children
Photography by Johnnie Lee Smith

Folks always say that character and education start at home. Nowadays we have children having children, many young women really don't want the responsibility. Some see children as toys or something cute rather than an individual.  Living in the hood you see the effects of children who have beed discarded and society not recognizing these individuals until they hit the judicial system.
There are so many cases today of child molestation, child murders, child slavery and the stories continue.  The older folks blame the young folks and the young folks blame the old folks for not having backbone.  The old folks pick at the young folks in what they ain;t doing right and the young folks look at there elders as cowards because many have given up, they fail to show leadership and that's where the young folks do have a point. 
As I have experienced life and have witnessed many who claim to be loving parents but spend more time on facebook, twitter, instagram and google+ than folks who work in the field of social networking.  I have witnessed many mothers and fathers claiming to be a parent but you see no mention or pictures of their beloved children, it's like they don't exist. You do see pictures and mentions of them with their friends and celebrities and what they claim thety are doing.  We can laugh about this but what is so sad is the amount of selfishness that is displayed virally on these platforms.  Are you really a professional or are you just being distracted? I know for me it's a distraction unless I am promoting an event or film.

I know for a fact when I am on the phone or facebook while my daughter is home it's a rap.  Little Momma tells me immediately excuse me but I need your attention.  As parents sometimes we ignore our children and then we realize this little person is asking for some time.  I have been guilty myself recognizing that technology has my mind I have to make time in my schedule to do me.  Now don't get me wrong a little checking your tumblr while your at the playground while your child is being entertained is fine.  

I want to share today a Pledge from my film 
"110 Morningside" that my mentor Abiodun Oyewole chants.  

Dune's Pledge

I want to be
what I can be
To be proud
healthy and free
I want to say 
what I know
To help my Bruthas and Sisters grow
I want to feel
good about me
and blame no one for my misery
'Cause I'll be strong
to turn it around
I want go up
I'm not going down
I want to do 
what I can do
to make all my dreams come true.
Remember my past
the good and bad
How I made it art
even when it was sad
I want to share 
whatever my gift
and when your feeling low 
I'll give you a lift
I want to live without fear
and know that I'm blessed for being here!
and know that I'm blessed for being here!
and know that I'm blessed!

I encourage all parents to teach this to the youth that frequent your life or to your own children. May this inspiration inspire you and your family it has inspired my family for years and still continues to this day. My five year old daughter now recites this and yes they do understand the powers of these words. Try it, print and recite and see how your kids eat this up.


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