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This Place Ain't Big Enough 4 Me

Well, last week at my jail workshop I read to the group of about twenty men who Dr. Leonard Jeffries was and why he was a threat to the education system. I had a print out that I handed around for some of them to read. I realized that some of the men may not have knew how to read, so I read some of the material so they can get a gist of who Dr. Jeffries is and why he was so hated. I screened some trailers of mine for the life of me, my feature had no sound. I had a few white brothers in the group and they nodded they head a few times to the knowledge I was kicking.  It was good to go back and have my spoken word/black history workshop as I call it.  The holidays it was cold and this was the first time back.   I feel if ain't nobody gonna pay me I might as well give freely of my time to some people who appreciate my time and films.  At least I can always say I screened my films with a captive audience.  I use to know a person that said to me "Go where your celebrated, not where your tolerated".  Now it's not my desire to be hanging around a jail, but it is my responsibility as an artist to educate and inspire where I can. Perhaps when they do get released they will give back to the community to make it a better place then when they left.  That is what Bringing Conscious Back is all about, bringing awareness to one's self and environment to inspire and educate others in your journey of life.

"This Place Ain't Big Enough For Me"
By Mike Holloman 

This place ain't big enough for me,
I don't really like the company.  The food is lousy...I got places to go and people to see
This place ain't big enough for one of my thoughts,
cause while I'm thinking...
that same thought that I'm thinking needs room to grow.
They can imprison my body, but hey can't touch my mind or soul.
Inside my mind exist a creative essence essential to become a connoisseur of extraordinary expressions lyrics that exist inside my mind idle are spasmodic gravitational pull transcends them to paper.  Effortlessly written out drama or static...
When I feeling the flavor of the swag in my flow... my lyrical rhythm and rhymes start to bubble again.
Exclusively opponents of my art were two crabs one was a Jew the other was a Republican.  But my deepness survives in rhythm of rhymes poetic in nature...
Jewels dropped are captured and retained in consciousness of the true participator...
Realness is hard but understanding is free so I tell you for the second time. 

That this place ain't big enough for me!
They thought I was crazy, so they sent in a shrink. I let him inside, took him on a journey through my mind...
He started to get dizzy then...
Ho got sick, his name was Dr. Nero now he's in a state of comatazation...Hook to a brain scan her...with understanding zero...
Everyday I remain in here these devils prey. I loose a little more...They spike my food with kryptonite yesterday and the  day before.  I feel as if I'm sidelined...In the middle of the game. It's 3rd & 25 and my fam and I can't calla play. Deep down I know it's on me, I know I'm the blame...
Life keeps turning, inside I'm bumming wife is missing me, money is short...Problems quickly rise. I'm sitting here stuck, out of the fight, can;t throw a punch forgive me I apologize.
But in consolation, you don't have to be a genius or understand Einstein's theory of relativity or that Pie = Y times I = 3
Cause the reality that these devils can't hold me for long...and if you were listening when I said 

"This place ain't big enough for me".


So next week I am going to cover Nelson Mandela and speak about his journey.  I always need printing for my workshops so if you  donate financially to assist my printing costs, please feel free to donate.