Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bringing Conscious Back 2 The Jailz

So, we finished up our public engagements and have partnered with Just Us Inc. a non-profit organization in Rochester, NY that has been helping incarcerated individuals in the system and upon release helping them with housing, employment and education.  James Caldwell has a had few people come in and out to help in the jails but from my observance most people who donate time are the church people trying to indoctrine their beliefs on individuals in a compromising position.

I didn't give up my events but I will be writing to get money from investors and online funding to keep doing what I have been doing and that's inspiring audiences artistically with a message.

So I have been working with the inmates for about a month.  We have had some technical issues as far as my DVD playing for the inmates. I have changed the format 2x and still to no avail they have the oldest DVd players it's not even funny. So we are still moving forward with our discussions and mentoring time. I look forward to the next DVD working this weel,


So please help donate if you can as we need to print some materials for the holidays for the inmates. We have raised $70 thusfar and still have a long way to go.

Have a great day and remember to keep a positive mind. Because a positive mind cannot be denied.

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