Saturday, May 25, 2013

March against Monsanto in Union Square! NO GMO!

Today was an inspiring day to be proactive.  
"Bringing Conscious Back" was definitely felt in Union Square and the village this afternoon.  Many folks came out to rally this afternoon even with the rain and wind it was truly a peaceful march though many wished they had gotten out of hand so it would draw attention. I know about them but I didn't need no attention I'm already Black and that draws enough
March against monsanto

The most stimulating about the march was that it was multicultural every ethnicity was out there.  There were Black folks, White folks, Asian folks, Spanish folks to was like everybody cared about what were consuming.

"The diversity in age and  ethnic, cultural and political background is a huge indication of how far reaching this issue is. People all over the world are fed up and will not stand for what Monsanto is doing to our planet and one of our most basic and fundamental human rights. You know you can't trust what they are putting in our food when they refuse to sell GMO food in their own headquarters cafeteria..."
Henry Rushmore
Henry Rushmore &  Oyemina Ekhator
"Food is something that no one can live without and therefore everyone should be entitled to, yet Monsanto is monopolizing on slowly killing us with that same necessity. Keeping labels off of their products while pretending that GMOs are completely safe for consumption is nonsensical. Despite efforts to sedate, distract, and manipulate the public for their benefit and profit, the attempts to hide their poison are transparent. This march was a testament to the consciousness of the general population; the people are not fooled". 

Oyemina Ekhator

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